Life enhancement counseling

Though every session is unique, spiritual healing techniques might include journaling, yoga, guided meditation and prayer, setting intentions, re-framing mission, movement and music therapy, art therapy and breath work.

In a peaceful, pastoral and safe setting, your session will begin with a simple dialog about a specific situation. Often exploring what’s unsettling on the surface - fear of change, uncertainty for the future, insecurity, global unrest, panic - reveals what’s roiling beneath and provides a clear path to heart-centered, spiritual healing. You’ll uncover or re-discover your personal connection to the divine - in whatever form resonates for you. And Carol will help you create daily rituals that maintain and cultivate that connection, leaving you with the skills and confidence to lead a more peaceful, centered life.
"From the point of stillness spirit moves us.
When we say "yes" and participate in life we are moved.
We begin the process one step at a time, hoping to stay on our feet and find our way.
In the process of life there are times of joy and celebration, and we rejoice!
Part of our journey is to feel the fullness of life including the difficult and sad times.
Then we can choose to go beyond the sadness and hurt and use what we have learned
there to open us to joy once again.
Allowing life in and feeling it "all" brings us to the center...
Back to the point of stillness and we begin again."
Carol L. Post 2001