Life enhancement counseling for spiritual self healing

If it seems you have no more to give those you love, you’ve likely drained your spiritual savings account! A certified spiritual counselor, Carol tailors spiritual healing techniques to your unique needs, guiding you to discover the path of least resistance to what your really want and re-discover how to live richly and in the moment by setting clear intentions and nurturing a personal connection to the divine.

Suffering is a perception. Drugs, the conventionally accepted treatment, only numb the symptoms and don’t address the root causes. Spiritual self healing is about feeling, not numbness, about awakening, not sleeping through it!

“Learn to take care of yourself and you can give copiously from the overflow” - Carol Post

How life enhancement counseling will improve your daily life?

  1. Grounds you amidst a fast-paced world
  2. Centers when you’re pulled in every direction
  3. Quells and re-frames the anxiety of, “What’s next?”
  4. Builds resilience
  5. Creates and nurtures purpose
  6. Calms with the acceptance of something larger than the “little things”
  7. Relieves anxiety by accepting and embracing change
  8. Fully experience life and relish the moment

Spiritual mentoring tailored to your needs

If you had the time - and patience - you could undergo a different form of spiritual healing every day of the week, maybe for the rest of your life! Drawing from years of experience and training in a vast range of mind/body, spiritual and academic disciplines, Carol carefully crafts the approach most likely to resonate with you for lasting healing benefit.
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Spiritual Retreats

Together with complimentary specialists, Carol hosts a variety of spiritual retreats in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and the Delaware Valley.
Please see the calendar or contact Carol for more information and details.
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Spiritual Retreats