Chakra balancing accesses the energy you need to make each day come alive

Most of us wonder why our energy is available on one day and the next day we struggle with exhaustion. Why we wake up feeling alive and powerful one day and stressed and listless the next. Why sometimes we’re able to power though one task after another, each one building on the next towards a goal yet the next day we feel disorganized and directionless, like we’re just spinning our wheels.

We all seek to find the treasure that lies within us. That treasure may be related to happiness, a life that is balanced, and which includes love, trusting relationships and the experience of unconditional joy.

We all want our energy to be available for us and we want the map of human consciousness to lead us quickly and efficiently as possible to the unique treasure that we intuitively know lives within us.

Chakra balancing can improve physical, physiological and spiritual health

Originating from the ancient systems of Chinese medicine and yoga, the chakras refer to spinning vortices of energy created within us by the melding of consciousness and the physical body. Through this combination, the chakras become centers of activity for life energies.

Chakras are not mystical. They are in fact, an essential part of our bio-energy system. They enable us to gather, process, and release energy.
Chakra balancing practices such as guided meditation and color therapy help rejuvenate and energize the body, relax the mind and connect to higher consciousness.

Chakra clearing meditation such as Chakra Dhyana include ancient chanted mantras to activate the seven major chakras or energy centers in the body.

Meditation with color viewing is also used to help balance the Chakras. Introducing you to your chakras and their colors, Chakra Color Therapy leads you on a journey through your energetic system, releasing tension and stabilizing your energy and emotions. A color projector is used to more effortlessly relax the mind and body and connect to your Chakras.

Whole-being health benefits of chakra balancing practices include:

  • reduced stress levels which strengthens your immune system
  • energy to overcome feelings of depression
  • increased levels of self esteem, well being and connectedness
  • ability to focus, organize and “see the big picture”
  • clarity of thought and sense of surety
  • access to moments of spiritual awakening
  • ability to integrate into the world and deflect sense of chaos

Private and Weekly chakra balancing sessions in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Carol leads group chakra balancing sessions weekly in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas as well as privately arranged sessions from her studio in Point Pleasant, PA. Contact Carol to make an appointment and for further information.

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