a wedding ceremony focused on what’s truly important: you

wedding celebrant bucks county paAs you’ve probably experienced, there’s much to pull you away from the moment when planning a wedding, never mind on your wedding day! Your wedding celebrant should facilitate the perfect ceremony for your guests: Carol helps the two of you celebrate you. “Being present in the loving energy of the moment helps build the foundation for a lifetime relationship of unequalled opportunity.” After all the exhausting work on the details of a wedding, what Carol fosters is the energizing experience of a marriage. You’ll do it together, face to face in a caring and safe environment. Much of the planning of a wedding involves the needs of others: This process is all for you and may be your most lasting wedding gift!

a guided process to create your wedding vows and ceremony

Each wedding ceremony is created specifically for the individuals involved. The process begins with an initial meeting where you’ll learn about Carol and begin to explore the possibilities in an insightful and lighthearted way in a beautiful and safe environment. You’ll have all the help and guidance you need and want with your wedding vows. And she will assist in putting together the physical design elements involved in creating a sacred space for your marriage ceremony. One further meeting to refine the details of the ceremony and answer your questions is all that’s required - and all that needed to have you fully engaged in your spiritual celebration.

a lasting marriage of you and your beliefs

Carol combines extensive study of world religions, a vast spiritual background and a background as an artist to help create wedding ceremonies of singular grace and beauty, a marriage celebration from the heart. Working with your own particular beliefs and connection to the divine, Carol will creatively craft a ceremony that fits your spiritual needs and will resonate with you and your guests long after your wedding date.


"We are back from our honeymoon and want to thank you for helping us have the wedding of our dreams. People have described our ceremony as personal, transformative and romantic...we feel the same way! Thank you again for everything!"
Jamie and Tony

"It was everything that we hoped it would be. You created a warm, welcoming and intimate atmosphere for us and our guests. So many people were touched by the way in which you led the ceremony.
Your words to us as well as our rituals were beautiful and meaningful. You found ways to integrate our two families, which was so important to us. You even created an environment in which my parents felt comfortable being together. I am truly grateful for that.
We truly appreciate how you shared a copy of the wedding ceremony with us. It will be so much fun to read over and over again through the years!"
Lisa & Shawn

"The ceremony was so beautiful. Chris’s family felt so engaged by the symbolism and ritual of it, and your words were just perfect - friends have been calling all week to find out how we found you! We both felt the whole day was personal, easy and natural, and just full of love."
Jennie & Chirs

"You injected so much love and spirit. The good feeling you helped to create will stay with us forever."
Bob & Jill

"You have made this day the most memorable of our lives. You have been a pleasure to plan and create with...and it is such an honor to know you. Your calm presence was invaluable. Your spiritual connection and guidance helped us to focus on what was truly important. We cherish our love and thank you for uniting us spiritually."
Nicole & Joseph

"We wanted to find the perfect match for an officiant, and we found that in you. This process has brought so much richness to our marriage. I believe there are no coincidences in life, and know that this was meant to be. For you and for this day I am grateful. I hope to meet you and work with you again in the future. Thank you for being there in so many ways."
Tamara & Danny