Life Celebrations as Unique as Your Life

The rituals that mark your path through life should come from the heart. Your heart. Carol weaves the whole cloth of your life, your beliefs and your unique connection to the divine to shape a ceremony that will reverberate well beyond the occasion. Together you’ll co-create a sacred ritual of grace and beauty to mark any milestone, a marriage, baby blessing, wedding vow renewal or memorial service.

a wedding ceremony that honors you

wedding celebrationIt’s your wedding celebration. I’m sure you’ve seen it a hundred times in movies or perhaps even in person; the whirlwind as the bride and groom are whisked from one "must do" to the next, seemingly in control of nothing, experiencing little of value; the bride and groom holding their breath as someone involved in the wedding speaks their piece. (If you haven’t seen the movie, Four Weddings and a Funeral, you should!)

After a face to face meeting with Carol in a beautiful, spiritual, caring and safe environment, you’ll co-create a ceremony that you can be proud of, one that honors your beliefs and family traditions and one that both you and your guests will remember and talk about long after the celebration.

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a baby blessing ceremony that honors your creation

Baby Blessing, Bucks County PAAs individual and unique as your baby. Celebrate your child’s entering the community of family and friends with a baby blessing. And conduct that celebration in whatever place is sacred and meaningful to you and your family.

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“I do” one more time, with feeling - your feelings

Vow Renewal Celebrant Bucks County PAA wedding vow renewal ceremony a wedding ceremony you’ll remember this time! After a considerable amount of time together, no canned rituals or phrases can capture the unique essence of your marriage.

Blend your life experience with Carol’s background as a spiritual life educator, relationship counselor and religious scholar and the result is a deeply personal, intimate vow renewal ceremony. If you can recall your wedding day but can’t remember your vows - because they weren’t truly yours - now you can cement your lives together in deeply spiritual ritual you’ll always treasure.

a memorial service as personal as your memories

Memorial Celebrant Bucks County PAThe time and respect required to honor a loved-one’s memory.  Ritual can go a long way towards healing. And a ritual you create together as a family to honor a loved one can bring you closer together in joy and peace.

Carol’s knowledge of the rituals of passing and remembrance from a wide variety of traditions, both modern and ancient, will help focus your intentions, center your family’s thoughts on a cherished life and help participants open themselves to the life energy being passed along.